Janoris Jenkins owes Giants fans an apology

with the comment. It was a clear response to trolls on the social media platform who had called him out for giving up such a big play. That doesn’t mean Jenkins made anything in the vicinity of a good choice.

One might think Jenkins would want to stay out of the media for a while. A murder at his place of residence this summer caused quite a firestorm. Jenkins was not in the state at the time, but his brother does stand accused of aggravated manslaughter. Needless to say, Jenkins was not a winner in this ugly storyline.

That’s precisely why he should be minding his manners at this point in the season. Instead, he’s chosen to use an offensive term on social media to blast Internet trolls who are giving him grief about a preseason play. Perhaps it’s Jenkins who needs to remember what the stakes really are in the preseason. He’s only given the trolls more fuel to attack him by coming at them in such a baseless fashion.

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Expect the Giants organization to step in and try to help Jenkins extricate himself from this mess. The usual contrite, public apology from his public relations team will likely be enough to calm things down. The team should do more to help him internally, though. Jenkins needs some serious lessons in how to communicate with people in a courteous manner.

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